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Future Classics


Future classics are items that, whilst not quite covetable enough to earn places on The List, have the fundamental features of great design that mean that they will be looking as good in twenty, thirty or fifty years' time, as they do today.

Audi RS2

Car designers have come up with some odd hybrids over the years: there was the shotgun marriage of SUV and sports car that gave us the BMW X6, the saloon and supercar amalgam that is the Porsche Panamera, and the coming together of lawnmower and wheelbarrow that produced the Reliant Robin. Not a particularly inspiring list, we think you'd here for more



Maserati 3200GT

Back in the 1980s it was hard to believe that Maserati was the same company that had once produced supercars like the Bora. The Italian marque's machines from the era of shoulder pads and neon were boxy designs that appeared to have been styled by a designer with a particular fetish for right angles. They were also poorly built, and had little of the handling finesse of their here for more



Renault Clio 197 Cup

For many years Peugeot's 205 GTI bestrode the hot hatch world like some kind of poorly assembled, flimsy, but ultimately indefatigable, colossus. No manufacturer, including Peugeot themselves, could hope to launch a sports hatch without the inevitable negative comparison with the 205 being wheeled out of the closet by journalists. It didn't seem to matter that the little Peugeot had the build quality of an African kit here for more


Mercedes 300CE

Fun though it might be to thrash a lightweight, no frills sports car around a track, even the most hardcore autophile will sometimes desire a machine that will carry him or her across great distances, without the need for earplugs (Lotus Elises), full waterproofs (Caterhams) or all of the above plus a helmet (Ariel Atoms). It would also be nice if such a machine were equipped with four seats and a decent sized boot... click here for more


Audi S8

The average person living in the 1960s probably envisaged the advent of space exploration as heralding a new age for mankind, where, by the 21st Century, we would be colonising distant planets, flying in cars through skyscraper cities, and working ten hour weeks, all whilst wearing ridiculous jumpsuits... click here for more