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Sprinting and Hillclimbing

First things first - this isn't a guide to the world of performance enhancing drugs, one-piece lycra jumpsuits and thigh muscles the size of footballs. Nor is it at all related to hiking, rambling, or any other activity that involves wearing red socks and growing a beard. No - this is a guide to sprinting and hillclimbing in the motorsport sense; that is to say, drivers competing against each other and the clock, in a time trial format, on circuits or closed roads of lengths ranging from half a mile to more than ten here for more



Choosing a Car

The car, perhaps more than any other consumer item, provides confirmation of the suspicion that human beings are essentially tribal creatures. From the middle classes' Mercs, BMWs and Audis, through to the Range Rovers and Ferraris of Premiership footballers, choice of vehicle seems to be the primary means through which people project to the outside world a desired image of themselves, and, by association, the social group to which they belong or wish to here for more


Black Tie


The dinner jacket and its associated paraphernalia may conjure up images of lavish balls, casinos and, of course James Bond (who is rarely seen wearing anything else in some of the early films), but it actually originated as a less formal alternative to the stiffer and considerably more uncomfortable white tie. Unfortunately, a cursory glance around at almost any current black tie event will reveal the full extent of dinner jacket faux pas. However, by following Bonne Gauche’s ten simple rules you will never again be mistaken for a cheap waiter... click here for more




Buying a Watch


An expensive mechanical watch can seem, to some segments of the population, to be the ultimate frivolously pointless purchase. After all, a relatively cheap digital watch will often be more accurate and more water resistant than any Rolex, for example. But then, like many of the finer things in life, a brutally functionalist view of the product often leads to its intrinsic values being overlooked. The luxury watch may not be quantifiably better in pure performance than a watch that is one tenth of its price, but, as an item of jewellery, and therefore viewed from an aesthetic standpoint, the position is reversed... click here for more